Helsinki without nazis – now and always!

We invite everyone to join us in Helsinki on independence day 6.12.2020 to build a world where there’s no room for the far-right.

Despite the global pandemic, the fight for a free and equal society and a habitable planet has continued all around the world from Hong Kong to Belarus. We can’t let these extraordinary circumstances make us passive either, so we will once again fill the streets of Helsinki this independence day and take the space away from the Suomi Herää nazi march.

After the Supreme Court of Finland definitively banned the Nordic Resistance Movement this fall, they have been trying and failing to continue their activities under various front groups. The 612 march organized in previous years has been an attempt to create a united far-right front from nazis to elected Finns Party MPs and to revitalize NRM’s street presence. Due to 612 being cancelled this year, NRM along with other extra-parliamentary far-right have created a new brand of demonstration called Suomi Herää (Finland, Awake) to try and circumvent their ban.

In addition to the blatant racism of the far-right, structural racism is especially pervasive within the police. The Black Lives Matter movement has been active in the United States for a long time, and this summer it brought tens of millions of people together to demand an end to racist police violence. In Finland the police allowed the criminalized NRM to hold a demonstration in Tampere just a day after pepper spraying peaceful Extinction Rebellion protesters in Helsinki.

Judicial rulings will not stop nazis from organizing, and a capitalist society protected by police will not prevent global environmental destruction or the rise of the far-right. We need to actively work for the environment on all levels of society, as well as create a strong and organized antifascist movement.

Grab your flags, banners, and bring your friends, family and coworkers along to show that the power of people fighting for an equal world is stronger than fascists’ in Finland as well!

Take care of each other in the dark December night. We recommend coming to and leaving from the demonstration with a friend or in groups.Please wear a face mask, and practice social distancing and good hand hygiene as much as possible. Do not come to the demonstration if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19.

Party insignia, national flags, or other authoritarian symbols are not welcome in the demonstration.

The time, place, and route of the demonstration will be announced as soon as possible.

The event is organized by A-ryhmä, Varisverkosto, the Left Youth of Helsinki, Kurdistan solidarity network and Friends of the Earth Finland.