Helsinki without nazis – now and forever!

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We invite everyone to join us in Helsinki once again on Independence Day 6.12.2021 to show that there’s no room for the far right on our streets – ever!

Over the years Helsinki without nazis has brought thousands of people to the streets to demand a society free from racism and fascism, as well as been involved in building an antifascist movement. The systematic opposition of nazi events in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland has effectively marginalized far-right activity. Their events have decreased in size year by year, because they keep facing more and more resistance.

The ongoing pandemic has also hastened the decline of the far-right. Lately they have mostly been focusing on covid denialism and spreading conspiracy theories. After both the 612 torch march and the Suomi Herää (Finland, Awake) -demonstration organized by banned neo-nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) were cancelled due to limits on public gatherings, 2020 marked the first Independence Day in recent years without a single far right event held in Helsinki.

However our work is not done yet, and we can’t assume the far-right will stay gone from our cities for good. We have to continue, because the 612 torch march still feels entitled to march on our streets. The aim of 612 is to create a united far-right front from neo-nazis of the banned NRM to elected Finns Party MPs.

The actions of the police have also given rise to mistrust, and we can’t leave the defence of our rights in the hands ofthe state’s monopoly on violence. While Extinction Rebellion activists protesting the climate crisis were being carried off to jail, a police officer attended the program of a NRM support member. The government has also failed to take sufficient action to fight climate change and to implement a humane asylum policy.

Judicial rulings will not stop nazis from organizing, and a capitalist society protected by police will not prevent global environmental destruction or the rise of the far-right. We need to actively work for the environment on all levels of society, as well as create a strong and organized antifascist movement.

So grab your flags, banners, and bring your friends, family and coworkers along to show that the far-right is not welcome in Helsinki this year either!

Please wear face masks, and practice good hand hygiene as much as possible. Do not come to the demonstration if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19.

Party insignia, national flags, or other authoritarian symbols are not welcome in the demonstration.

The time, place, and route of the demonstration will be announced as soon as possible.

The event is organized by the Helsinki without nazis coalition, which includes A-ryhmä, Varisverkosto, the Left Youth of Helsinki, Pink & Black Helsinki, and Emilia-ryhmä.