Helsinki without nazis – now and forever!

We invite everyone to join us in Helsinki once again on Independence Day 6.12.2022 to show that there’s no room for the far right on our streets – ever!

Since 2016 Helsinki without nazis has brought thousands of people to the streets to demand a society free from racism and fascism, as well as been involved in building an antifascist movement. Last year, the extreme right’s 612 torch march was blocked for the first time and forced on a different route. However, this single victory is only part of a continuum that has lasted for years, in which organized anti-fascist work has marginalized the activities of the extreme right and caused their events to wither.

Despite the fact that the extreme right has already had to reveal its empty hand, some recent election results in Europe show that simple and unrealistic solutions still appeal to many, whether it be the energy crisis, the environmental crisis, or the inability of capitalism to offer a secure and stable future for everyone.

Although the broader political right, including the far-right, is claiming to oppose Putin, Erdogan, and the Islamic regime of Iran, they are ultimately offering the same miserable life and the restrictions on freedom as the aforementioned authoritarians. The war of aggression Russia is waging against Ukraine is a prime example of the worst case scenario this path of anti-democracy and the centralisation of power can lead to.

At the same time, the violence, harassment and threats of the extreme right in Finland are directed above all at those who threaten the fascist worldview with their very existence: In Kankaanpää, terrorism suspects practiced racist violence for years, last summer’s Pride events were threatened and harassed in different parts of the country.

Therefore, anti-fascism is anti-racism, fighting against transphobia and homophobia, and fighting for women’s rights. It is the defense of freedom, which the extreme right aims to suppress.

Although the victory of Ukraine, the liberation of women in Iran, and the autonomy of the Kurds are already looming on the horizon, we do not want to have to rise up from under any tyrannical rule, no matter how temporary it might be. That’s why it’s important to stand united, especially in the midst of overlapping crises, and to always work towards libertarian goals.

So grab your flags, banners, and bring your friends, family and coworkers along to show that the far-right is not welcome in Helsinki this year either!

Please wear face masks and do come only if you do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

Party insignia, national flags, or other authoritarian symbols are not welcome in the demonstration.

The time, place, and route of the demonstration will be announced in advance of the event.

The event is organized by the Helsinki without nazis coalition, which includes A-ryhmä, Varisverkosto, the Left Youth of Helsinki, Pink & Black Helsinki, and Emilia.